About Emergency Generator

  • It is a small separate generator which provides electrical energy for emergency load in case of main power supply failure in ships.
  • In general, it is lpcated outside of the main and auxiliary machine.
  • It has its own main distribution board.
  • t is designed to operate immediately after a power failure or at least 3 repeated fail start. The startup is ensured by batteries or air pressure.
  • The fuel is an independent point and the ignition temperature is not less than 43 degrees.
  • It is designed to operate in cold weather conditions (0 degrees).
  • In cold weather, the JCW system is treated with an anti-freeze and the heating system provided.

About Emergency Switchboard

  • It is a switchboard which distributes emergency load that power is supplied from emergency generator during the main power source failure.
  • It has two sections- one for 440V and another is 220V.
  • Under normal condition, 440 V supply is taken from E/R Main Switchboard, through a Circuit Breaker
  • When main power is lost, this Circuit breaker is tripped (opened)
  • Emergency generator comes into action, and supplies power through another circuit breaker
  • An interlock is provided, to prevent simultaneous closing of both breaker (both main and emergency generator may be running, simultaneously)